Wednesday, July 29, 2009

birthday wishes

Happy birthday to a sweet sister. Jamie turns the big 3 0 today:). My wish to her is a Wonderful, Lovely day. You deserve it! I love you.

Oh and's my birthday too:). In case you were wondering.....33. Sharing birthdays hasn't always been a fav of Jamie and I, but I couldn't pick a better person to share it with.

As for my wishes....... happiness, good health, sweet family memories, crazy spazzy sisters who I love to be with, wonderful parents who make me feel loved and spoil me rotten, donuts (thank you Kellie, and kiddos for DD's and a birthday serenade), a wonderful husband who loves me, children who wish me a happy birthday and give lots of kisses, thoughtful lovely friends, massages with my sweet sister in law, Kayleen (thank you), shopping sprees, and fresh cut flowers on my kitchen table..........I think I got everything I wished for today! xoxo